Be a part: 2019 Spring Summit!

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Message from Dr. Sam Matthews:

As I was talking with Phil Wilson one day, this is what God revealed!  This is what will happen to you and through you for your churches, cities, and the nations!  I asked Phil to write down this vision and intent of the Lord!

…As Dr. Sam Matthews was sharing with me the heart of the conference I saw a picture of a tool shop.  The walls of the shop were covered with a variety of incredible tools. As people came in one by one, there was an excitement in the air.  I heard “precise and powerful.”  I believe the Lord was talking about these tools and what they will accomplish in our hands. We are destined to receive confirming and deepening revelation along with new anointings, and tools that will strengthen us, our church bodies of believers…that will produce the following!

Why is God wanting us to come together and to receive such things?

Because the cause of Christ’s Kingdom is being attacked as never before. Our culture and the spirit of the antichrist are attacking, but we are the saints of God…HE PREVAILS AND OVERCOMES THROUGH US!  JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD HAS TRIUMPHED!

God is pouring out, at this moment of history, A POWERFUL ANOINTING that causes His Glory to be seen in the earth!  Anointing for “harvest”, “equipping”, “activation”, that releases Him and the increase of His Reign!

You will be empowered and equipped with the power of His Word and the truth of the Bible as never before!  God is saying, “BRING THEM TO ME!” My cousin, Weldon, heard God say this and sent me a text sharing that this had ramifications for us!  I have been stirred by it ever since!  You will meet people that you have never met and receive what God is pouring out for this moment!  

February 28 – March 1, 2019

Each day with sessions at 10 AM, 2:30 PM, and 7 PM.    This is a Kairos meeting!  See you in the HOLINESS of His Presence!    Wow!  I feel the anointing!  BRING THEM TO ME!  Come and bring others with you!  Don’t just come–rally others to come see THE KING–JESUS!

Dr. Sam Matthews

Family of Faith Ministries PO Box 1442 Shawnee, OK  74802