Summit Conference this week!

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The Christ…The Christ…THE CHRIST!  Is a declaration that I keep hearing coming out of heaven into my spirit!  The power of it just keeps intensifying!  The sense of “King Jesus and His Triumph” is looming large within me!  Something so powerful is happening as Father declares His Christ!  God has made Him to be both “Lord and Christ”!

Father is going to manifest “His Christ” in our midst during this time together!  We will see Him and behold Him in all His power!  I have been sensing that His manifestation will be the most intense that we have ever known.  He is taking us from Glory to Glory and changing us into the very image of His Son!  

While sensing these things I received this text from Renee Hughes.

Dear Sam & Kathy,

This morning I have been overwhelmed with the revelation that He is the One who walks among the lamp stands. I believe that a greater awareness of His Presence, authority, power, and love is going to be manifest in ministers and congregations alike. I felt like Holy Spirit was saying “Brace Yourselves!” He is walking amongst us!

What a great confirmation this is to what I am hearing. I know that many of your are sensing the same intensity of Father’s heart!  

Summit Conference:  November 3 and 4

Family of Faith Church, 30 Kinville Rd, Shawnee, OK

Thursday and Friday’s schedule:  10:00 AM, 2:30 PM, 7:00 PM

Come… believing to behold The Christ!  We will be changed!