Summit Conference this week!

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The Christ…The Christ…THE CHRIST!  Is a declaration that I keep hearing coming out of heaven into my spirit!  The power of it just keeps intensifying!  The sense of “King Jesus and His Triumph” is looming large within me!  Something so powerful is happening as Father declares His Christ!  God has made Him to be both “Lord and Christ”! Father is going to manifest “His Christ” in our midst during this time together!  We will see Him and behold Him in all His power!  I have been sensing that His manifestation will be the most intense that we have ever known....

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Summit Conference Next Week!

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We hope you can join us next week for another powerful time in His presence. Here is a brief message from Dr. Sam Matthews: JESUS…name above all names! Jesus’ passion and love for the people of the nations are pouring out as never before.  Why?  The saints of the Highest One are going forth in the greatest power release that the world has ever experienced!  Why?  He is transforming us into His Image…going from Glory to GLORY!   God has spoken to me and said, “I am coming as LORD OF THE HARVEST!”  The Lord of the Harvest will come and lay His hand upon us and deposit in us the power of...

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