About Us

Who We Are…

We are men and women, leaders called by God, committed to seeing the Gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed throughout every nation of the world. We are being strategically placed together by the Spirit of God. We are living out the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones vision. The body of Christ and His Kingdom are not loosely functioning but are being brought into divine order by obedience to the Word of God and our being yielded to His Holy Spirit.

The breath of God is blowing and He is placing His people together by His own decree, order, and geographic appointments. God’s prophetic voice has spoken and we are being moved by Him to come together and declare the KING AND HIS KINGDOM!

Keep reading for more insight into the spiritual and the practical functioning of Jesus through ICLC.

ICLC is…

ICLC is a relational network of leaders that came into existence through a sovereign act of God, connecting people to see His purpose fulfilled in the earth. Each person and church involved feels a sense of destiny at work within them.

We are men and women who have become possessed with seeing Jesus worshipped throughout the earth. We believe that the earth will be filled with His praise, the heavens with His splendor, and that the families of the earth are being gathered together to worship the Lamb of God.

We believe that the church is announcing the manifold wisdom of God to the principalities and powers and that the gates of hell shall not prevail because the Kingdom of God is rapidly advancing. We believe that Jesus has given apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers to His church. Jesus, expressed through each gift, is bringing His church into unity, maturity, knowledge, and expression as the full measure of Himself through the diversity of each gift.

Jesus, through His church, is establishing His Kingdom. We believe that when this gospel of the Kingdom is preached in the whole world as a witness to all the nations, the end will come.

How Can I Relate to ICLC?

ICLC, to us, is not seen as an organization to join. We are men and women in the church of Jesus Christ who have been strategically placed together by the Holy Spirit. We are an expression of Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones. The bones didn’t decide where to unite; they were being united by the breath of God.

Deep commitment is developed because God destines it and because we are willing to follow Him and mature such a relationship of trust. Because we are strong on commitment relationship and trust, we have levels of involvement. Since you can’t join, this is how to relate:


This is the greatest level of relationship and is based on knowing that God has linked us to work together to build His Kingdom. This is an expressed honoring and preferring of one another with the right to mutually speak into one another’s lives. This involves counsel in: oversight, accountability, personal submission, corporate submission, correction, discipling, discipline, mentoring, right of appeal, loyalty, policy decision, doctrinal purity, confirmation, direction, and the key appointments of elders and set leaders in the church.

  • AFFILIATION LEVEL = GUIDANCEThis level includes all the above activities with the exception being the mutually agreed upon speaking into one another’s lives. At this level the involvement is by the leader who invites the counsel or ministry of the team or any member of the team. This leadership is provided by invitation rather than agreed commitment and oversight.
  • FELLOWSHIP LEVEL = INFORMAL INTERACTIONThis is peer level relationship where each relates as brother and sister enjoying fellowship together without any established oversight or government.


We strongly believe in the locally autonomous church. Each church is to be lead by a plurality of elders placed in authority by Jesus Christ who is head of His church.  We believe that not only do you see local elders in individual churches but that there is also a functioning pattern of translocal or extended elders who give oversight to the local leadership.

The authority is in the local leadership not from a central board or eldership.  The translocal eldership provides oversight, impartation, and accountability that is based upon the element of trust not control.  We do not submit to men or women, but to the Christ that is in the person.


All this is done in an atmosphere of mutual respect and the honoring and preferring of one another.  The local elders with a senior elder relates to other churches and a regional apostolic team.  The apostolic team, representing several churches relates to other apostolic teams through mutual agreement.  The apostolic teams in turn relate to the apostolic company.  This apostolic company is composed of mature apostolic leaders who have the vision to raise up other international, regional, and local teams to implement the hands on oversight of personal care to the churches.


Each person in our company represents a sphere of churches incorporating national and international dimensions.  We saw that to further implement the command of Jesus to reach the world, we must be more integrated in our approach.  We saw that together we could leverage spiritual, mental, physical, and financial resources, thus making each of us stronger.

We see our role as one to further impart, envision, empower, train, and facilitate the preaching of the gospel and the establishing of churches and schools through the world.  We are servants who desire to raise up functioning apostolic teams in every nation and in every region of those nations.   This is done through the locally autonomous churches in a committed relationship with one another and with the Apostolic Company.  We prepare international, national, regional, and local teams for the hands on work of maturing Christ’s church.

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