Our Purpose: 

          To help orchestrate a worldwide penetration of the gospel

Our Vision:

           To see the fullness of Christ expressed through the corporate functioning of the whole body

Our Mission:

           To facilitate the proper functioning of five-fold ministry teams in the nations that will establish local church elders and ministry under the government of Jesus Christ who is the head of His church.

Strategic Initiatives:

          In order to accomplish our mission, we will focus our actions and resources on the following Strategic Initiatives:

  1. Finding Kindred Relationships
  2. Training and Equipping
  3. Establishing Five-Fold Ministry Teams
  4. Providing Accountability and Oversight
  5. Coordinating Operations

Our Values:

1.    Committed Relationships

We want to establish a fellowship of deeply committed relationships that are bonded together in one heart to see the nations reached for Christ. It is not our desire to impose apostolic authority, but to provide apostolic authority, and to tenderly care as a mother cares for her children.

2.  Kingdom Mandate

It is the church’s responsibility to demonstrate and establish the dominion of the Christ in every facet of life.

3    Ministry Gifts

The ministry gifts of Ephesians 4:11 are expressions of Christ Himself given to the Church and expressed through His servants to build up the Church of Jesus Christ. All these gifts working together are imperative for the maturity and growth of the church.

4    Team Leadership

Kingdom government consists of plurality of leadership.  God’s design is that multiple gifts work together to give a full expression of His image.  We believe that team should have recognized headship.

5.   Pioneering

We believe in opening new territories, breaking new ground, taking the next mountain, and seeing that others are equipped to do the same. Our thrust should be forward looking, proactive not reactive.

6.    Serving Others

Our task is one of service to the Lord and the body of Christ.  Jesus’ model is servant-leadership, and we seek to follow His example.

7.    Social Action

We recognize the validity of responding to the needs of our society as a part of our Kingdom Agenda expressed through the Church.

8.    Corporate Unity 

God’s kingdom is larger than any of our local churches, personal ministries, or spheres of influence. He desires that His people be knitted together in a living and dynamic manner to more effectively carry out the Great Commission.

9.    Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Our dependence is upon the person and the ministry of the Holy Spirit as manifested in and through the Church.  We expect the Holy Spirit to intervene in word, works, and wonders.

10.    Prophetic Voice

It  is God’s intention for the Church to be a prophetic voice to society as salt and light, proclaiming and establishing justice and righteousness in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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