Apostolic Company

What is an Apostolic Company?

Each person in our company represents a sphere of churches incorporating national and international dimensions.  We saw that to further implement the command of Jesus to reach the world, we must be more integrated in our approach.  We saw that together we could leverage spiritual, mental, physical, and financial resources, thus making each of us stronger.

We see our role as one to further impart, envision, empower, train, and facilitate the preaching of the gospel and the establishing of churches and schools through the world.  We are servants who desire to raise up functioning apostolic teams in every nation and in every region of those nations.   This is done through the locally autonomous churches in covenant with one another and with the Apostolic Company.  We prepare international, national, regional, and local teams for the hands on work of maturing Christ’s church.

David Durant


Danny Fisher

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Gaius Lawrence

Gaius Lawrence is the Senior Pastor of Church of Praise International, a congregation of believers meeting in Osaka, Japan. Gaius teaches the message of the Kingdom of God with power, insight, and makes it practical for daily living. He believes that through the knowledge of the principles of the Kingdom of God, every believer can become a victorious overcomer in every situation.

Gaius is also the president of a Bible school and leader of KCI (Kingdom Connection International) which is a gathering of pastoral and marketplace leaders who want to extend the Kingdom of God. Gaius serves as one of the leaders of the Apostolic Company, which gives oversight to the International Christian Leadership Connection (I.C.L.C.) network of churches, which has more than 3000 churches in over 50 nations. He also has a traveling ministry, and he has gone to many countries such as Philippines, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia and America. Gaius Lawrence resides in Osaka, Japan with his wife, Jaycie, and their two children, Asher and Jedidiah.

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Dr. Sam Matthews 

Dr. Sam Matthews is the founder and senior elder of the Family of Faith Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma. This church was established in 1983 with the instruction of the Holy Spirit to raise up a church according to the pattern of the New Testament government with functioning elders and the five-fold ministry gifts of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. Dr. Matthews serves International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC) as a member of the Apostolic Company and is the founder and president of Family of Faith College. He is greatly used by God in intercession, spiritual warfare, and the raising up and functioning of five-fold apostolic teams. Dr. Matthews travels extensively, ministering with international teams in many nations throughout the world.

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Muriel Mohabir, United Kingdom

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Vaughn Newman 

Thank you for the beautiful flowers and all your prayers during Vaughn’s illness and for us after.  It’s been a blessing.  Please keep the Philippines in your prayers, as they have been through serious “natural disasters” in recent weeks! 

Our blessings to you all!    ~From the families of Vaughn Newman, and Jan and Joy

Iwan Oron

Iwan Oron lives in Paramaribo, Suriname. He chairs the leadership of Evangelie Centrum Suriname and has recently joined the ICLC Apostolic Company, replacing former member, Benny MacNack.

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David Ramayah 

David Ramayah has been actively involved in the ministry for the past 30 + years, in which he has served as Youth, Associate, and Pioneer Pastor. Presently he serves as the Senior Pastor of Grace Church in Shah Alam – the Islamic Capital of Malaysia.

He is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, Malaysia.His heart is to see ministers function comfortably in their respective callings. His message is always on grace, faith, and restoration.

His church is actively involved in sponsoring Ministers/ Leaders Conferences in South East Asia, besides being also involved in mission support. He sits on the Board of the International Christian Leadership Connections that cover more than 3000 churches worldwide.

Rev. David Ramayah has been married to Lai Fun for the past 30 years and they have 4 children: Johnathan (married to Cherlyn Kok), Joanna (married to Steffen Fickus), Janeal (engaged to Jonathan Prasad) and Juanita. Pastors David and Lai Fun are also grandparents to two beautiful grand-daughters (Reilly Faith Rosa Fickus & Mia Mikaela Ramayah).

Click here to visit Grace Church website:  Graceshahalam.com

Samuel Rhein

Samuel Rhein was born in 55 in a godly family with a Jewish background. At the age of 14 he had a first encounter with the Lord Jesus and met him as his personal Savior. A year later he started to preach; at the age of 17 started to preach the Word of God in Scotland and ministered in several nations. He got married with Michèle and they had two sons Stephan and Daniel. At the age of 30 the two got desperately hungry for more of Him and received the baptism of the Holy Sprit at 33.

Then there was a special relationship started with Lee Lacoss, Sam Matthews, Philip Mohabir and James Cooper. Beginning from some meetings in their home in the early 1990s, their first church was founded and which soon grew to 4 churches in 2000! At the same time, in collaboration with the Bussieres and by God’s grace, they founded a prophetic school which touched over 2000 students from all over France and many nations as well, such as Scotland, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Belgium, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, Central Africa, Ivory Cost, Gabon, Madagascar, Pacific Islands, Denmark.  At least 4 of their students have started then schools of their own for which we are thankful and rejoice!

During the same time, a team was raised and they have served it with the passion to see a living church raised in every city of France! In 1995, joining with Michael Schiffmann, they invested in an annual gathering of prophetic leaders from different nations of Europe. For the past 4 years they had a national seminar for women who has been a tremendous tool in the Lord’s hand to move some of the blockages in the way in Europe.

Right in the middle of this time of growth, God spoke early in 2000 to leave Belfort and He opened the way in July 2001 for Samuel to go to Nice to focus more on Europe.  He is investing more time than ever in intercession with a growing passion for the Christ and his precious church!

Click here for La Lumiere de La Vie website:  Lalumieredelavie.com

Narash Samaroo

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Elsworth Williams

Elsworth Quintel Williams, known as “P.C.”, was born in Heneritta Essequibo Coast in Guyana, South America.  He is the husband of Othellene “Carmen” Williams.  Father of Abigail, Elsworth, Jr. and Eworth.  Elsworth was saved at the age of 15 years and started to preach six months after.  He attended the Haruaruni Bible School and later the Word of Life Bible School in Uppsala, Sweden.  He has pastured for over 27 years in Guyana and Suriname, and over the same period, has preached in many crusades and evangelistic meetings.  Over the years, he has preached in conferences and seminars.  He also taught in the Bible Schools in Guyana and Suriname.  He has served on the National Leadership Team of the Full Gospel Fellowship in Georgetown, Guyana, and later on the Apostolic Team of Full Gospel Fellowship for over 21 years.  He also served on the Suriname Apostolic Team for about 5 years.  Elsworth has been the main speaker for the popular television program, “Hour of Power” for many years.  He has traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, North and South America, and many others, totaling over 20 countries.  He is presently serving as pastor of the Albouystown Fellowship and is the leader of the Guyana Apostolic Team.

Steve Wilson 

Steve, with his wife Sally, served in Kenya, East Africa, as missionaries for seven years, doing a combination of pioneering, engineering and church planting. In 1980 they moved to England to work with an apostolic team, where they pastored a church in Ripon, and later planted a multiracial church in Chapeltown, Leeds. While there, Steve also served as director of “Supplyline” an organization which initiated self-help projects in developing countries.

In 1991 they moved back to the United States, where in Atlanta, Georgia, they helped plant a successful church. Then in 1995 they planted and now serve as senior pastors of Dayspring Worship Center, in Springfield, Missouri.

Although they are based in Springfield, their vision is to see the five-fold ministry functioning properly in the body of Christ. To this end they are raising up a regional team and are traveling extensively to help to plant churches, train leaders and raise up ministry teams.

Visit the Dayspring Worship Center website:  Visitdayspring.org

The U.S. National Team includes:

    • Gary Alverson
    • Chris Bernard
    • Ron Bernard
    • Danny Fisher
    • Daymond Geary
    • Dave Helseth
    • Fred Herzog
    • Farley Lewis
    • Rich Massiatt
    • Daniel Matthews
    • Sam Matthews
    • Joshua Prasad
    • Narash Samaroo
    • Jeff Simmonds
    • Bennett Smith
    • Jason Stasyszen
    • Tim Tate
    • John Thompson
    • Steve Wilson
    • Peter Worby
    • Stephen Parker
    • Andy Rudd

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