Fall Summit 2014 Audio

SummitWe are pleased to announce all the messages from the fall Summit 2014 are now available for purchase and download. You can support this ministry and all God is doing while also receiving over 7 hours of teaching, encouragement, impartation, challenge, and prophetic insight.

This series of powerful services equipped us to take the next steps into Kingdom living, and we were certainly blessed to have Dr. Tom Jones of Global Awakening as a featured speaker. He, as well as every other speaker, carried a unique impartation of heaven that will launch you into the next things God has for you.

There was encouragement and strength released to live in the
revival and awakening God has promised.

It’s time! Why not here, why not now.

If you experienced it, you probably need to hear and receive it again. If you weren’t able to be there, you definitely want to get the audio.

There were no CD’s duplicated this time so everything is available through digital downloads below. This enables you to listen on your phone or any other device. If you would like to burn your own CD, you are able to do that too!

In getting this audio, you not only have the opportunity to receive a great touch of heaven, but you’re also supporting the ministry of ICLC that continues to support missions and ministries throughout the earth–even to the darkest corners of our globe.

If you preordered, you can use your discount code to purchase the “all conference audio.” Otherwise, you can purchase messages individually or buy all messages at once in a compressed .zip file. Thank you for your support!

All Conference Audio

Thursday Evening:

Friday Morning (Session 1):

Friday Morning (Session 2):

Friday Evening:

Saturday Morning (Session 1):

Saturday Morning (Session 2):