ICLC Administrative Change

Posted on Mar 11, 2015 in Announcements, General News | Comments Off on ICLC Administrative Change

Most of us know the health struggles that Rhonda Gaines has encountered over the last few years.  Rhonda has been a faithful and very productive administrator of the ICLC office.  She has been an excellent team player and a valuable asset to the ministry.  She is also a dear friend to me, my family, and to many of you.

Over the last couple of years it has been difficult for her to perform at the level she desires and that ICLC needs.

For Rhonda’s health and restoration of vitality of life, and for the advancements and progress of ICLC, I have made the decision that Rhonda needs to step away from her position.  This has been difficult for me to make and it is a sad day for her.  She desires so much to serve and function again in excellence.  It is my prayer and desire that health be restored and that she can once again serve ICLC!  Without question, this is also her desire and prayer.

I have asked Terry Woodard to be the next ICLC Administrator.  Terry is known by many of you, is a dear friend, and a true man of God!  He is an experienced missionary, church worker, college instructor, school teacher, has served as an administrator for another network, and an accomplished musician!

I look forward to working with Terry and he will be a great administrator to propel us forward at this strategic moment in the Kingdom!

You can contact Terry Woodward at:

   Phone: (405) 765-3701

   Email: terry@iclcnetwork.com


Dr.  Sam Matthews