Look Among the Nations and See, Wonder and Be Astonished!

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An exciting update from Steve and Sally Wilson:

The second week of our trip started in a 13,000-member Southern Baptist church. The leaders had been fasting for miracles and we saw 1350 healings the first night. The blind received sight, the deaf heard and the lame walked as God demonstrated His goodness. The manifestation of the first night was followed the next morning by an incredible time of impartation. For Sally and I who were kicked out of our mission board over the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it was so much fun pouring into hungry Baptists. When a Baptist’s love for the Word is energized by the power of the Holy Spirit, they become a formidable harvesting machine. The picture below gives a little glimpse into their packed sanctuary and there were hundreds more in the overflow.

15.16.1We had one night between the two trips and, rather than it being a rest, our team had the privilege of ministering to a gathering of pastors and leaders from across the city of Sao Paulo. With just a few days notice, somewhere around 1700 gathered in a large Four Square church (approximately 800 of them were pastors and the rest were cell leaders). Just the fact of this many leaders coming together was miraculous. It was such an honor to pour into pastors who were hungry for a move of God. Randy Clark spoke on impartation and they pressed in to receive a touch from the Holy Spirit. We laid hands on them till one in the morning and only stopped when we ran out of energy. I do believe they would have stayed all night as hungry as they were.

15.16.2Our three weeks here have been amazing. We have watched God heal thousands and seen hundreds respond to the goodness of God by giving their lives to Jesus. We have seen many lives transformed by the power of the blood. One of the healings that stands out was a man with Parkinson’s disease who was symptom-free after one of the members we were training in the church prayed for him. What a joy to equip the body!

I have had a personal goal for the last few years as we have ministered in Brazil. We always see large numbers healed in the meetings and, as people witness the goodness of God, many respond to the gospel. But there are always a significantly higher number of people healed than we see saved. Although this is almost inevitable because we are generally ministering in a church setting, I have dreamed of the day when we would see as many or more salvations. The final night of the trip we took a small team to a packed church. There were about 1000 in attendance, mostly young people. During the message, I had them pray for each other and we saw 163 healed. Then before the team began to pray for healing, I gave an invitation and 160 came to the altar for a combination of salvation, rededication and freedom from addictions. The level is rising!

Living like King’s Kids,

Steve and Sally Wilson

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