Offering Day Update & Beyond!

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Thank you to all who gave and supported Family of Faith College’s 2014 Offering Day. Every dollar goes to support the vision of training laborers and the advancement God has set before us. There are still some gifts coming in, but so far we’ve received just over $9600!

That is significant!

Again we so appreciate your giving and support, for seeing and hearing the heart of the Father and responding generously.

At this moment, there are still big challenges in front of us on the financial side. We simply ask that you would pray and ask God how you might consistently support this college founded to reach the nations and release His glory!

At the end of this message is four options that will make a great impact and help support the mission of FFC.



Special Message from Steve Wilson:

As the Holy Spirit begins to move across the earth stirring the Spirit of revival, the church is awakening to her need for greater equipping. To turn the hearts of an increasingly secular and skeptical society, God is restoring signs, wonders, and miracles to the gospel message. Signs and wonders have operated in missions and on the periphery of the Church, but I believe without any hesitation that over the next few years they will become mainstream.

In the postmodern world we live in, Christian education is becoming increasingly essential. Over the years, various programs have emerged to meet this need, ranging from in-house training programs to full-fledged academic education. Family of Faith College has walked out a difficult obedience by making the costly and time-consuming decision to weather the process of receiving accreditation to offer undergraduate degrees. In retrospect this decision has set the college up to become a significant force during this next season of awakening.

Global Awakening was birthed out of the Toronto outpouring. Over the years they have developed a significant training program that focuses on impartation and activation. Hundreds have gone through their training programs and have begun to live out the things they have learned. However, over the last few years they have been focusing on getting the supernatural lifestyle material they have written into a form that can begin to affect the educational mountain in our society.

Dr. Randy Clark and a large number of his team have just received their doctoral degrees as an act of obedience to the Holy Spirit. As they went through the process, God birthed in them a hunger to establish a Master’s and Doctoral program that would focus on the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit. They realized that to do what God was asking of them would take many years because these degree programs must be built on the foundation of an accredited undergrad program. So they began to pray about forming an alliance with another college, which had already received their full undergraduate academic accreditation.

Over the last few years Sally and I have been building a relationship with Randy and the Global team and know that God has positioned us to be in the right place at the right time to help facilitate this alliance. Family of Faith has laid a solid foundation of Christian education and now others are coming alongside to help build on that foundation. Already some of the Global courses have made their way into the Family of Faith undergrad program, bringing a new breadth to the courses available to the students. And now the College must take on the daunting challenge of becoming a university. This substantive change paves the way for a truly historic moment. We will together be able to offer fully accredited Masters and Doctoral degrees that focus on signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT.

This is where we need your help! The process of making this change requires an injection of finance. The college offering day was a start, but this is the moment to put our shoulders behind them and help push this through. The training programs across the world are going to be affected for generations by what we do with this opportunity.

Now is the time!

Would you sign up to make a monthly contribution of $50, $100, or $200? Or maybe you would like to give a smaller or larger one-time contribution? God has called us to build this together and we consider it a great privilege as you partner with us in this way!

If you are unable to make a monthly commitment at this time, please consider making a one time contribution. Every dollar makes a difference!