Testimonies and Missions Updates

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Revive Church Wagoner Missions Update:

We are so thankful to be able to share to you what is going on in Bangladesh and the Philippines. It has been an honor to work in these nations with such dedicated men and women who love Jesus and are committed to His purpose. So here is what has been happening in the last year in both Bangladesh and the Philippines.

In October 2016, a team of 7 people joined us for a conference in Davao City, Philippines. The yearly conference theme was “Revival Fires”. Since we took over the work in Philippines, it has been our desire to see the different works in the Philippines come together. Veny Gloria, the leader of the work in Davao, had been sensing the same thing. So a group of us came together to believe for and awakening in this land and for further establishing of relationships to further the gospel mission. Veny Gloria has been leading this work for many years. We are honored to work with he and his team of men and women committed to the cause of Christ. Many churches were represented in the conference and Veny travels throughout the area strengthening the churches and bringing necessary supplies to mountain pastors who are faithful to Jesus but have many struggles for daily necessities like rice and clothing.
God is moving in the Philippines. From the old to the young there is a hunger and passion for Jesus. Please pray for the ministry in the Philippines. Some upcoming opportunities for ministry are a youth conference in May and the yearly conference in October.

In Bangladesh there is a move of God happening. We are so excited about this! Bangladesh is 94% Muslim. Christianity is only about 1%. That is better than it was a few years ago. The Holy Spirit is moving among a group of young people. We were in Bangladesh in January and were so encouraged. Roger will be going back in March to keep building on the momentum of the Spirit. We have the opportunity to purchase a piece of property that enables us to expand the school and the church in Uttara, Dhaka. By owning a piece of property we can’t be evicted because of Christ. Please pray for the church in this area. As we see more and more fundamentalism in Bangladesh we want to be proactive in securing a safe place for believers to be able to worship the Lord.

William Bonowary, the leader of the work in Bangladesh, has been working tirelessly to raise up laborers for the harvest that is coming. We all work closely with YWAM in Dhaka. This has been a great relationship as they are committed to reaching the nation as we are as well. It is such a blessing to see so many people who are committed to Christ in this nation. If you have been here before you will know what a miracle that is. Please pray for William and his children. He is a widower who not only oversees a ministry daily but is raising two children on his own.

Thank you for reading this. We are so grateful for each one of you. We appreciate your prayers and financial support. If you would like more information on either of these missions you can email us at reneem9192@yahoo.com for now. We are in the process of having more structure and will keep you updated on this. To send support you can make checks payable to Revive Church Wagoner, 1500 North Highway 69, Wagoner, OK, 74467. Please note if it is for Bangladesh or Philippines.

For His Glory,

Roger & Renee Hughes
Revive Church Wagoner

Updates from Steve and Sally Wilson

We are off to another busy year full of great expectancy. Our hearts are overflowing with thanksgiving for all God has done and is doing. In January, I had the privilege of teaching for a few days in the Furnace School that Nic and Rachael Billman run in Recife, Brazil. What a great group of hungry students. I taught three times on the connection between compassion and character, and we saw God do some amazingly deep work in their hearts and lives as they surrendered their lives to serving Him and loving people.

For those whoare praying for us, you may have seen on Facebook that I spent a day in the hospital while in Brazil 2 weeks ago. I woke Sunday morning very dizzy and ended up with severe nausea, which led to dehydration. A couple of wonderful doctors cam to my room and got me to the help I needed in a private hospital. I was given some IV fluids and lots of Dramamine to get the nausea under control. They couldn’t find anything that was casuing it, so they released me to fly home the next day. It was an interesting trip because I was still very dizzy, but thankfully they had fiven me something to take that knocked me out; so I slept a lot of the trip. it was truly humbling to use a wheelchair to get between flights but I am thankful they took good care of me.

Since being home my doctor has done all kinds of tests and everything is normal, so on a hunch he sent me to an eye doctor to get my eyes checked. When I arrived the doctor told me it was probably a waste of time because it was unlikely that my eyesight was the cause. But halfway through the exam he discovered that when I had my new glasses made a few months ago, they had miss-made my lens for my left eye by a full 5 steps. He felt it was enough discrepancy to have caused the problem and I have switched back to an old pair of glasses until my new ones are redone. Thankfully after just a few days I am feeling and seeing 100% better. The only thing I heard from the Lord through the whole adventure was simply, “You have permission to rest.”

This week Sally and I, along with Carter Wood, are heading to England for the Outpouring Conference. We are so looking forward to pouring into these hungry churches. Also, to any of our friends who live in England, if you are available for these days, come and join us for an amazing time in the presence of God. The conference is at the Church of His Presence, February 10th-12th.

Our original plan was for me to go on from England to India with Carter, but wisdom says rest; so I am skipping the India portion of the trip and we are coming home to rest up before our trips to Guyana and Brazil in March. Pray for Carter as he travels on to India without me and carries much of the speaking load in the conference there.

The first trip is to Guyana, to the network Philip Mohabir helped found. Randy Clark, Tom Jones and I will speak at the leadership conference and then hold a three day miracle crusade. It is going to be an amazing time together and we would appreciate your prayer that there would be a significant deposit left behind as a result of these meeting.

Then after a few days home we are off to Brazil to help lead the Global Awakening rip with Blaine Cook and Kim Maas. Each year this trip has been extraordinary and we believe this one will be no different. There is still time to join us for thei March trip; simply go on the Global Awakening website and fill out the application. We would love to have several more of you join us for this exciting adventure. You will see more miracles in a week than most leaders get to see in a lifetime.

In April we go to Germany and France for a couple of weeks then back to the States for a few days before we head on to Malaysia. While there I will be going with David Ramayah and Alan Tan to N Vietnam to do a leaders’ conference and then Sally and I will be going to China to spend some time with Mike and Deena Van’t Hul. We are excited to be able to see the school and children’s home that we wrote about last time. What a privilege to see the work of God expanding across the earth.

Thank you for all the prayers and support over the last few years; it means more to us than we can ever express. As we go into this year we would ask that you keep up the prayer cover. The opporunities have never been greater and we need God’s continued grace to keep our bodies fit and healthy as we seek to walk in obedience to Him. Join us as well as we pray for an invreas of souls this year; it is the season of harvest.

Living like King’s Kids,

Steve and Sally Wilson